Relaxation Tools
Flash soundboard mixes drumming and relaxing music

New Mini Relaxation Music Players
These small pop-up tools are meant to keep you relaxed while you are near your computer. All of the music on this site is designed to be calming, reduce stress and anxiety, and/or aid sleep. This music is ideal for Yoga, Meditation, or Tai-Chi.

Simply click one of the links below to enjoy a relaxing audio experience.

*** Note: Sounds may not work if you have more than one program open at a time.

Mini Drum Soundboard - This miniature version of the Drum Soundboard is in it's own small window, so it won't get in your way while your surfing the web. Set the levels for each sound and enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature wherever you are.

Mini Vibraphone Soundboard - a miniature version of the Vibraphone Soundboard. Set the levels and let your stress and anxiety melt away.

Mini MP3 Player - Stormy Night - This pop-up MP3 player plays "Harmony - Stormy Night", a 13+ minute track from our Relaxing MP3 Download section. The track is set to re-play once it's over, so sit back and relax for as long as you like.

Mini MP3 Player - By The Sea - This pop-up MP3 player plays "Harmony - By The Sea", a 13+ minute track from our MP3 Download section. Escape to the beach - relax and forget about stress and anxiety. Stay as long as you like.

Music on this page is of a low quality 40kb/sec bit rate. If you enjoy this music, please consider making a purchase from our selection of 30 relaxing tracks, recorded at a high 160kb/sec quality. These tracks can be found in our Relaxing MP3 Download Section.

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